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PH Plus

PH Plus


The proper pH balance is an essential part of spa/hot tub maintenance. SpaBoss pH Plus raises the pH level in your spa if it tests to low. The recommended range for your spa’s pH level to be in is 7.2 to 7.6. Anything below 7.2 will cause the water to be acidic can cause skin and eye irritation. This condition can also cause chlorine to become unstable and therefore less effective in killing bacteria, algae and in disintegrating organic material in your water. SpaBoss pH Plus is a granular product, not liquid. Size: 1.5lbs

How to use:

Test water daily for pH and bromine/chlorine.
Add 1 oz. of pH Plus per 250 gallons of water if testing shows pH is low.
pH Plus is readily soluble in water. It may be broadcast on the spa/hot tub surface. It requires one hour to determine if pH is within recommended range. (One capful holds approximately 1 oz.)
Repeat if necessary.

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Be the boss of your spa or hot tub’s pH levels with SpaBoss pH Plus. This product is ideal for water pH levels lower than 7.2, the point at which water becomes irritating to the skin and eyes. Low pH isn’t just about comfort; a pH lower than the recommended 7.2 to 7.6 range can lead to chlorine instability, making your disinfectant products ineffective against algae, bacteria and organic materials. This granular product is available in 1.5-pound tubs.


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